Best Racing Games for Android

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the best racing games for android users. It is developed and published by the Gameloft. When we think about racing games graphics and cars play the major factors. Asphalt 8 contains both high-level graphics as well as a number of new cars with different models. There are 40 high-speed tracks in different settings like Iceland, Nevada desert, French Guiana etc….

Gameloft games becomes favorite for every racing games lovers it producing lots of best racing games for android

Best racing games for android: asphalt 8 airborne

When we come to the game controls they are made easier to play on the different tracks

  • There are so many shortcuts in every location by finding those we can reach the target point in less time
  • It supports both single player and multiplayer
  • In a multiplayer, we can compete against up to 8 players

These are the reasons makes Asphalt  8: airborne as the best racing game for android

New updates : 

  • Ferrari Christmas cup event

Win the event to get the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

  • New rides will be released in the upcoming weeks


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