How to Take Windows Screenshot Using Print Screen(PC,Tablet)

What is Windows “Screenshot”:-

Windows Screenshot is an image of the entire (or)some particular area of display/screen of the Personal computer(PC) orTablet.We actually take screenshots of digital device’s(PC, Tablet, Mobile) for various purpose in our daily life.So, We have to know how to take windows screenshots.

There are many ways to take screenshots.We are going to discuss about this topic in the present article.

windows screenshot

Take Quick Screenshots Through PrintScreen(Prntscrn)on PC:

  • You can take windows screenshots using print screen(PrntScrn) button.
  • The print screen button located above the numeric keypad.But the position of the print screen button may vary to the different laptop, pc.
  • The print screen button labeled as”Prt scn” or “Prnt Scrn”.
  • Now we learn step by step how to take windows screenshot.

   STEP 1:-  First choose which window’s or screen’s you want to take the windows screenshots.

   STEP 2:- Maximize the window if you want to take single window screenshot entirely.

   STEP 3:- We know were is the windows logo button so, press windows logo button and prnt scrn button-                                     simultaneously.It will copy the entire screen to the clipboard.

   STEP 4:- Open any of your favorite image editing application or the paint application, click on file-                                     and open “new” file and paste(ctrl+v) it.

   STEP 5:-  Save the already taken “screenshot” by clicking(ctrl+s).It will save to the pictures => screenshots –                                folder.

Windows Screenshot

windows screenshot



How to Take Windows Screenshots on Tablet:

Ther is no entire different process to take windows Screenshot on the tablet.Press the windows logo button+volume will save into the picture folder.You are not going to label it.So, it labels’s screenshot automatically with the default/other specified file names.

How to Take windows Screenshot of a Part of The Screen using Snipping Tool:

We will tell you how to take windows screenshot of a part of the screen using snipping tool.

=>Search the “snipping tool” in a search bar(or) click on start button and go to snipping tool in the vertical app menu,and open the “snipping tool” and click on “new” you will see a grayed out screen with cursor. Click and drag on the screen to select the particular area of the screen and leave it where you want to end. It will open in snipping tool and there you can save your screenshots.You can edit your screenshot in snipping tools like highlighting with yellow color text or pictures and you can send it to others system through the mail.

windows screenshot

windows screenshot

windows screenshot

windows screenshot

Take Window Screenshots Using Third-party Applications:

All the above tricks are built-in features.If you want to take more flexible and want more editing options then you have to choose third-party applications.Which has a lot of features. I can point out some applications like……

  1. Nimble Apps(Paid).
  2. Screenshot(Free).



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