Reliance going to launch its own cryptocurrency jiocoin soon.

jiocoin,how to buy jiocoin

As we know nowadays cryptocurrency is trending in high.Bitcoin is the reason, it got unbelievable high in last one year.Everyone wants to invest in the cryptocurrency now.As per the Indian electronic media, we getting the information that reliance industry’s new venture jio telecom will going to launch its own cryptocurrency into the is called the “jiocoin”.All are waiting for the reliance’s cryptocurrency “jiocoin”.People eagerly waiting to get chance to invest in jiocoin.


jiocoin,how to buy jiocoin

“Jiocoin” is the new cryptocurrency which going to introduce by the Reliance industries new venture jio telecom.It is based on the black chain technology.jiocoin will be used as the digital currency.This new venture is led by the Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani.The process of recruiting Some young and experienced software engineers undergoing as per the sources.



Reliance industries are entering into cryptocurrency war.Jio going to launch jiocoin.Everyone interested in jiocoin because of the jio effect.We know reliance created revaluation through jio.It smashed other operates.We are going to tell how to get the jiocoin in stepwise

Further Information will be updated once jio officially announces its jiocoin cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is the digital asset and is designed to work as the medium of the exchange.It uses the cryptography to secure transaction.There are a lot of cryptocurrencies are available out there like bitcoin.Jiocoin also going join this list soon.

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